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    Welcome at the QParks Shape Academy supported by PistenBully

    Yes, we are looking for skilled and motivated shapers for our projects in the Central Alps.
    If you're up for spending the season in one of Europe’s top resorts, give us a call!


    What Is It About?

    In the last years, snowparks and Funslopes have become essential facilities for modern winter sports destinations. Today, there is hardly any lift operator who would diskuss about the necessity of freestyle terrain parks within a ski resort. As the need for professional concepts and, most of all, for their adequate realization has increased over the years, QParks has been able to establish an excellent reputation as a leading European provider for snowparks and snow terrain concepts.   

    What Does It Take?

    It does not really matter if you are an experienced shaper. The QParks Shape Academy trains YOU in collaboration with the snow groomer manufacturer Kässbohrer, making you an expert in park building and shaping. For us, your abilities and motivation matter, which will also decide how fast and how high you can climb up the career ladder. At QParks, commitment and good performance count more than the length of your CV. 

    How Much Does The Academy Cost?

    Nada! On the contrary, you are being paid for your training. In our view, the key to an effective training is practice, and the key for becoming an expert is effective training. We provide you with both, and your work will receive fair compensation.  

    When Do We Start?

    For us, the winter season starts at the end of November or beginning of December. You will start working depending on the ski resort you are assigned to and the local snow conditions there. The assignment of tasks. duties and staff allocation is carried out by our management and personnel department. Of course, we do our best to take any wishes regarding team or destination into account. In autumn, we will send you some first detailed info about the resort you will be working at.  

    Here is an overview of the current QParks and Funslopes.


    You can surf the website by using the arrow keys of your keyboard, or clicking on the arrows at the left and at the right of your screen. The wheels at the end of the page indicate your current position on the website. Also have a look at the photos and videos. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the submission form at the bottom of the page.    

    • Parkoverview KitzbuehelSuedHanglalm byRoland Haschka QParks 002 low
    • Panorama KingsPark Muehlbach by Roland Haschka QParks 001
    • KingsPark Muehlbach by Roland Haschka QParks 015
    • Feldberg  28-12-2011  scenic  Martin Herrmann  1
    • AltaBadia BigK Lifestyle byPACO QParks 006 low
    • Alta Badia lifestyle0037 by schoech christoph Qparks
    • Alta Badia lifestyle0025 by schoech christoph Qparks
    •  web StAnton  25-02-2013  scenic  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  50
    •  web Soelden firtsSession 09-01-2013 lifestyle sb fs byRudiWyhlidal-2134
    •  web Planai 02-21-2013 lifestyle ShaperTeam AronSuveg QParks 0032
    •  web Planai  18-12-2013  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  80
    •  web Planai  18-12-2013  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  60
    •  web Planai  18-12-2013  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  38
    •  web Planai  18-12-2013  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  36
    •  web Planai  18-12-2013  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  23
    •  web muehlbach 19 12 2013 lifestyle ausweger daniel qparks 112
    •  web Mayrhofen  19-12-2013  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  76
    •  web Mayrhofen  19-12-2013  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  14
    •  web Kitzbuehel  18-03-2014  lifestyle  fs sb  Roland Haschka QParks  026
    •  web Gstaad  22-02-2014  lifestyle  Marco Joerger  QParks 31
    •  web Gstaad  22-02-2014  lifestyle  Marco Joerger  QParks 18
    •  web AltaBadia  30-12-2013  lifestyle  unknown  Patrick Steiner QParks  032

What's the QParks Shape Academy supported by PistenBully exactly? Here we have the answers to the most frequent asked questions


1. Who is my employer?

  • QParks is the leading provider for snowpark concepts in Europe and has established itself as the major promoter of the European freestyle scene over the last ten years. -> More info
  • Funslopes are an innovative and important snow terrain concept for both mountain railways and tourism operators. Funslopes combine elements from snowparks and cross, and offer to young and older visitors their first fun, easy steps into the possibilities of the freestyle world. -> More info

2. Where do I work?

  • There are several QParks & Funslopes in Austria, Germany, Switzerland & Italy. You can find a list of our partner resorts on and

3. When will I be assigned to a project?

  • In autumn. We expect our employees to be flexible, as we cannot take into account personal preference regarding the destination resort. Please bear in mind that you may be relocated during the season.    

4. How old must I be?

  • You must be at least of age (eighteen years old).

5. Do I need previous job experience in shaping?

  • Absolutely not! Within the QParks Shape Academy supported by Pistenbully, the basic formation as well as further training is all up to us.  

6. Do you also accept women?

  • Of course!

7. What is the extent of work I am going to do?

  • Shapers are employed part-time and are required to work between 75 and 100 hours per month. The staff in a managerial position (head shapers, project leaders, park designers & snow groomer drivers) works between 100 and 180 hours per month.

8. Is accommodation included?

  • Accommodation for staff only within the resort will be provided.
  • NOTE: No pets or animals whatsoever are permitted!

9. How long will I be employed?

  • From the beginning of December till the mid/end of April, depending on needs and snow.