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From Man to Machine
Moritz Klammer’s path from shape tool to groomer

Hardly anyone among the Shape Academy has pursued his career as straight forwardly as Moritz Klammer. His journey started at the Turracher Höhe with an unplanned excursion into the cockpit of a snowcat. And after seven busy years all over the Alps, he came back for a professional revival.

Moritz was a skier from an early age. After having tried racing, he quickly discovered that he’s more into creative tricks and airtime than fighting for hundredths. That’s why he changed his race skis for freestyle-fit twintips when he was 12. From then on, he devoted himself to style rather than speed. Today, he celebrates freestyle preferably in the air because “jumping kickers is just sick”. Everyone who lives for the sport knows that it is always about creativity, too. And that is not just true for the tricks but also for the base – the snowpark setup.

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The Dream of an own Park

“When I was shredding, I’ve often thought about obstacles I’d want to ride. That’s why I’ve always wanted to build a park myself and bring my ideas to reality”, Moritz talks about his motivation to apply at the Shape Academy.

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With a “fresh 18 years of age”, as he puts it, Moritz started his career 7 years ago as a Headshaper at Snowpark Turracher Höhe. “Back then, one of my friends was working for the Shape Academy. And when I was done with my military service, he inspired me to start shaping as well”, recalls Moritz. That’s how he came from East Tyrol to the bordering area between Styria and Carinthia to the Snowpark Turracher Höhe. Right at the beginning of his career, he was given a lot of responsibility as a Headshaper. But it didn’t stop there as Moritz tells with a grin: “My Parkdesigner who was also our park groomer suddenly dropped out due to an injury. Needless to say, I still needed someone to groom the park. And when I talked to the persons in charge, I got the answer: No way – You’re driving!”

At that point, Moritz held his driver’s license for one year, was trained for one day to operate this mighty machine and afterwards drove the snowcat for one week in the park – with the utmost caution and some shaky hands. This first experience was enough to spark a flame that began to blaze again in the winter of 2018/19.

Long-awaited Comeback in the Machine

After stops in Obergurgl, Schöneben and St. Johann, Moritz was again deployed to the Snowpark Turracher Höhe in the season 2018/19. Again, he sat down in the groomer but this time, he operated the PRINOTH officially. “You feel like a little kid again when you work with this massive tool or toy. It’s just fascinating to see the amount of snow you can move with such a machine”, Moritz says, and you can see how excited he is about his new challenge.

For the future, Moritz would love to stay at the Turracher Höhe because he wants to advance the park, himself and of course his grooming-skills. “Only time will tell how long I will continue to be a member of the Shape Academy but right now, I absolutely love it!”

The Shape Academy definitely hopes to work with Moritz for many more years. And if you feel like joining the forces after reading about Moritz’ career you can apply HERE for a job in the outdoor office!

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