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The Fun Ride Ahorn Mayrhofen

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Fun Ride Ahorn Mayrhofen - Where the fun really begins

Mayrhofen is one of the largest inter-linked ski resorts in Austria and - thanks to its snow abundance, the countless slopes and its reputation as of freeride hotspot - is well-known way beyond the Austrian borders. The people in the Zillertal valley are on top of the game when it comes to freestyle, as the Penken Park is not only one of the biggest but also one of the most popular snowparks in Europe! What else could you ask for? A Fun Ride, of course!

Maybe you are already familiar with the terms “waves” and “banked runs”, from boarder cross and ski cross, “boxes” from snowparks and “well” from your garden. Now, forget about what you think you know about lexicon! At the Fun Ride Ahorn Mayrhofen, all the elements from these structures mentioned above will be arranged in a new, unique course, providing safe and fun runs in a specially marked out area. It’s not about speed or how you look – the only reason you should not miss a run through the Funslope is the absolute pleasure of snowboarding and skiing through it. And to be honest, what is more important than a good portion of fun?

The essential quality of a perfect playground is obviously its flawless preparation and, in order to meet these professional requirements, the Fun Ride enjoys a daily maintenance. Every morning, it is being shoveled by a team of experts, ensuring that the visitors benefit from the best possible conditions to enjoy unique runs.

The next time you come to Mayrhofen do not forget to pay a visit to the Fun Ride Ahorn. Try it out yourself and discover new dimensions of fun!