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The Shape Academy is part of the Young Mountain, which brings fun and variety to the mountains of Europe with its various facilities. These facilities are built and managed by the Shape Academy. In winter, the in-house brands QParks, Funcross, Funslope, Snowcastles and Playgrounds are the place to be. In summer, we are active in the supervision of bike parks and QRides.

QParks - For Freestyle

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QParks are the perfect playgrounds for all freestyle fans - from beginners to hardcore pros. With creative setups featuring kickers, boxes and numerous other obstacles, QParks is the number one when it comes to high quality snowparks. Rider safety always comes first, but above all creativity and fun.

Funslopes – Fun for Everyone

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Funslopes are the guarantors of fun and variety on the mountain and have only one goal: to make the ski day a fun ride for the whole family. This is ensured by mysterious tunnels, impressive snow snails, various sound elements and much more. The special routes bring variety to the skiing day and guarantee "Fun for Everyone!"

Funcross – Go for the Flow

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As an action-packed alternative to the traditional slope, the Funcross offers all guests a unique racing experience with lots of action. With challenging but always safe routes, the Funcross is the perfect place to chase the flow. Adrenaline rushes and high-speed experiences all inclusive.

Snowcastles – Gigantic Snowfun

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Snowcastles are breathtaking attractions for guests who can't ski (yet). With 5-meter-high towers, thick walls and playful graphics, the Snowcastles are the absolute highlights in the ski area. But the impressive structures are not only the eye-catcher, but above all promise excitement and variety for the youngest guests. Whether Sir Lancelot or Rapunzel - here all the little guests will find their personal adventures.

Playgrounds – Made of Snow

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Fun Mountain Playgrounds are individually planned playgrounds made of snow. In terms of playful experience, they offer everything that can be found in their impressive big brother - the Snowcastle: Crawling tunnels, slides, igloo and much more!


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Whether flow trails, single trails, alpine trails or jump lines - at the end of a good thought-out project, QRides combine the wishes of the customer with the conditions of nature. QRides bring the send to your mountain and create a high quality trail offer for all bike levels.