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General Information

 Who is my employer?

You are employed by the young mountain marketing gmbh. As member of the Shape Academy, you represent our different brands and facilities, such as QParks, QRides, Funslopes, FuncrossSnowcastles and Playgrounds.

Our employees work in more than 120 facilities in five different countries: Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.
Here’s a detailed map of all our projects.

Your exact site of operation will be announced before your start your work.

We’ll try to take your choice into consideration. Yet, we ask for your understanding that the wishes of our long-term employees will be considered first.

So, if we can’t send you to your favorite resort in the first season, your chances will be much higher for your second season with us.

Flexibility is very important to us. Therefore, a change of your site of operation may occur during the season. Of course, it’s up to you whether you accept this offer or not.

But take this in consideration: The more projects you have seen and the more you know about the work at the Shape Academy, the more you will develop professionally and personally. And on top, you have the chance to get to know more like-minded people who work with us!

Usually, the season starts at the beginning of December and lasts till the end of April. That’s the period you should be at our disposal.

If you are not available for the entire season or if you’re only available for a certain period of time (holidays, weekends, certain months), we’ll consider you as a back-up candidate and we’ll keep you in reserve, if you want.

It’s very important to tell us your availability at the first job interview. Please also inform us as soon as possible about any changes concerning your availability.

Yes, it’s 2 weeks.

Yes. You get your work contract before the start of the season as a temporal confirmation.

As soon as we know the exact date of your start of work, you’ll get the final version of you work contract.



Requirements and Application

You can easily apply online via For detailed job profiles and more information about current job vacancies, head over to

You have to be 18 years old when you start working for us.

No! It’s great, if you are already experienced in shaping, but it’s not a requirement. Of course, you can also start without any previous knowledge in this field. After all, we’re providing a solid training program for all our employees.

Exception: If you want to become a park designer or a snowcat driver, work experience in this field is mandatory!

Yes! You don’t have to be a pro, but at least you should be able ski or snowboard down a slope without any problems.

You’ll be working in in international team, so at least some basic English skills are necessary. It would also be an asset if you speak German or any of the other national languages, because it makes the communication on the mountain easier.

Yes, of course! As long as you don’t mind the cold weather and if you’re tough enough for some physical labor, everyone is welcome – it doesn’t matter which gender you are!

Sure! Couples are always welcome at the Shape Academy and can count on being sent to the same project.

The same applies to all those who want to spend the winter together with a winter sports enthusiastic friend.

Please let us know at your job interview with whom you would like to spend the season!



Working hours and benefits

As shaper your average working hours will be 20-25 hours/week.

As project manager / head shaper / park designer your working hours will be 30-35 hours/week.

Snowcat drivers will work for min. 750 hours/season.

  • Free accommodation for the time of your employment
    Attention: If you already have an accommodation in the ski resort, it can’t be compensated in your salary!
  • Season ticket for the ski resort you work in for the time of your stay
  • Outerwear (helmet, gloves, jacket, pant)
  • Special deals at our partners
  • Employment in Italy/Switzerland/Austria is possible
  • Full insurance in Austria and Italy



Shapers have to share their room with another (same sex) colleague.

Senior employees (project manager, snowcat driver or park designer) get their own single room.

We all love animals, but unfortunately, it’s not allowed to bring a pet.

We have to respect the rules and conditions of our clients under all circumstances.

We’ll provide you with technical equipment, outerwear, a season ticket and an accommodation. The safety deposit guarantees a covering in case you don’t follow the rules or if there are any damages.

The safety deposit will be deducted from your first salary and will be paid back – if everything is fine – after the end of your employment.



Transportation and Arrival

Basically not! Most of the accommodations are in a proximity to the valley station of the mountain railways. (Don’t worry – it’s only a short walk then!)

Nevertheless, you can choose from more projects, if you have a car, because in some resorts the accommodations are not in walking-distance to the lift.

It would be great, if every employer would refund the drive from your house to your place of work. Unfortunately, it’s not like that.

But at least in Austria you can ask for a commuting allowance!

No. Only if we are asking you to change the site of operation because we need you in a different project, we’ll pay for your journey – whether it’s by car, bus or train.



Still some questions left?

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