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Funslope Hochgurgl

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The hearts of adventurers will beat faster when they see the Funslope Hochgurgl! Fun waves, dynamic banked turns, beginner boxes for some first slides and gigantic figures out of snow promise first class snow fun. Whoever is looking for some variety to the usual slopes should definitely visit the Funslope Hochgurgl. Come by – we are looking forward to welcoming you!

We start into the Funslope by dashing across a snow wave, into a mysterious snow tunnel and across the next wave. Now we’re heading towards the massive Fun Twister which whirls us around and afterwards lets us tackle the next obstacles. We slide over a beginner box, give the first big cushioned hand a high five and carve through the last dynamic steep turns of the first part of the Funslope. Here we have to pay attention, because a car built into the snow blocks our way. We can either overtake it or just ride over it – that’s our choice. 

Then Mascot Slopy high-fives us goodbye and we take some easy turns on the slope before we enter the second part of the Funslope which starts out with a double wave run and another car that lost its way and ended up in our Funslope. We can ride over it and if we’re fast enough we can even jump it. Now we are heading for some swift banked turns, we pass a gigantic hand which just begs for our hardest high five, hit a small jump, ride through another banked turn and then we dash through the tub towards the last steep turn. After this one, we enjoy the final highlight of the Funslope Hochgurgl. The Funslope 8 is an exciting combination of tunnels and overpasses and as soon as we manage to untangle ourselves from this clutter, we take the last small jump and get rewarded with a high five from the gigantic cushioned hand. Now, if you cannot get enough of the Funslope Hochgurgl you can simply hop onto the “Hochgurglbahn II” or the “Wurmkogelbahn I” and start another round of the snow adventure.

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