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A crash course with Snowpark Gastein’s shape crew!

After a Danish snowboard school got interested in the activities of the world's biggest shape collective, the park crew from Snowpark Gastein spontaneously organized a small shape workshop. The Danish snowboarders who are currently trained to become snowboard teachers learned about the basics of a shaper's work. Read here how the excursion with the topic "TLC for Snowparks" went.  

Our Park Designer Markus Treiber welcomed the easy-going snowboard crew who came all the way from Oure, Denmark around noon. During a park check run, the eager junior shapers had the chance to catch a glimpse of the full park setup. Meanwhile, 27 obstacles are up and standing and there are more to come. For the shape crew of Snowpark Gastein it’s part of their daily routine to do check runs. Here, it’s important to detect danger zones, strained take-offs and other abnormalities. This way they can ensure safe shred sessions. Then, it was time for some hands-on work! After closing certain obstacles, the snowboard trainees had the chance to tackle things. Park Designer Markus Treiber provided support by explaining the special characteristics of certain obstacles. What is important when reshaping boxes compared to jumps? How do you actually work with a shape tool? The shape crew gave happily answers to these and more questions. Eventually, the Danish snowboard squad helped during the reshape and did a good job handling the shape tool.

All in all, it has been an interesting exchange for all participants. We say thank you to the ski and snowboard school for the great interest in the shape life, for being easy-going shaper aspirants and we are looking forward to welcoming some of you at the Shape Academy soon! As always, we also have some visual proof of the whole happening! Check it out!

img 20200207 155011
img 20200207 154356
img 20200207 150553
img 20200207 145944
img 20200207 150519
img 20200207 142447
img 20200207 141845
img 20200207 141758
20200207 155150
20200207 155054
20200207 155030
20200207 154905
20200207 154904
20200207 154429
20200207 151303
20200207 154141
20200207 150328
20200207 141853

Wanna dive deeper into the Shape Academy? Check out the job opportunities on our website and start the winter of your life! More information about the Shape Academy is also available on Facebook and Instagram!

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