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Meet the Shapecrew: Superpark Planai

There are several cogs that have to mesh together like a clockwork in order that things run perfectly @ Superpark Planai,. We would like to give you a few insights behind the scenes & the various jobs. Curtain up:

Shaper Hustling

As a shaper you have to do a lot of different stuff. You are responsible for the perfect shape of the features and spend many precious hours on that. On the one hand, they shape and set up new obstacles - on the other hand, everything always has to be safe & steezy for the guests.


The work on the mountain is not only physically but also mentally challenging - but not always. "There are no problems if you're super cool," says Christian. He's probably definitely right about that. Hence his conclusion to our Special Moment question: "Every moment is magic!"

Multimedia Shaper

Filip Tymorek is the multimedia shaper of Planai. His tasks include shaping obstacles, generating footage and drafting postings on the different social media channels. He therefore bears a bit more responsibility for the park than his shaper colleagues.


Filip starts his day around 8:30 a.m. and helps preparing the respective facilities for their opening. The facilities include Funcross, Funslope and Superpark Planai. After everything can be opened without safety issues, the chill area will be set up and the day can begin.


His favourite tasks include shaping & trying out new obstacles and of course chilling with the community. It gets difficult when the weather doesn't quite "cooperate". Weather conditions like heavy snowstorms, rain or too hot days can sometimes affect the work significantly to the worse.


"One of the coolest moments this season was when the ski area was already closed, and we were freeriding. No snow tracks down to our knees, just pure happiness!"

Snowcat Driver

Jakub Petrásek tames the snowcat at Superpark Planai. He is responsible for the maintenance of the park, the Funslope and the Funcross.


For Jakub, the day doesn't start until around 16:00 p. m. While he's riding up in the gondola, he's already trying to spot bugs in order to fix them. After arriving, he makes his way to the garage, checks the Snowcat, and starts the machine.


Jakub's favourite thing is being in his snowcat. "I enjoy every second in the snowcat, where I get to gain more and more experience. But I also enjoy the rebuild from the park with the guys." Like Felip, he sometimes struggles with the weather conditions. They also make his work difficult ...


"It makes me happy to spend my working hours on the mountain and with friends. I also enjoy every second in the snow groomer!"

Those were a few insights into the different jobs within the crew. True to the motto: One for all and all for one, everyone here is hustling for all they're worth and can also enjoy the shred life to the fullest. We thank them for their work in the facilities and give the super crew a virtual round of applause, Cheers!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.


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