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Meet the Shape Crew: Snowpark Alta Badia
Shaping Moments of Happiness

Being a shaper means being the first and the last on the mountain. Being a shaper means working according to weather conditions and being flexible. Being a shaper means being a true mountain man and sharing the love to Mother Nature. Being a shaper means combining work and pleasure all in one.

"I start reshaping the features, the sun is setting, and the landscape is taking your breath away. Darkness falls and the first stars appear in the sky. After a short time, a sky full of stars appears that you wouldn't see this way in other places around the world."

Early Birds

At 06.50 a.m. it's time to get up and hit the slopes. The Shape Crew has to get up early to ensure both fun and safety in the parks. The accommodation for the shapers is located in Corvara, a few minutes car drive from Alta Badia. Then they take the 15-minute gondola ride up Piz Sorega to the mountain office. First of all, the obstacles are going to be checked again and reshaped if necessary. As soon as all imperfections have been repaired and all the safety precautions have been taken, the facilities can be opened to guests. Of course, the best way to do so is to shred the park by yourself. This gives the shapers time to check out the parks for themselves and possibly make a few improvements.


The Shape Crew in Alta Badia is mainly responsible for the shape and reshape of the facilities. The Daily-To-Do's focus on the maintenance of the obstacles. A few obstacles can be added or mitted, depending on the snow and conditions. As always, the focus is on safety. "In the skiing area, we represent the company we work for. We are the ones who have the closest relationship to the lifties and tourists. That's why we want to be professional, prepared and satisfied with our works", tells us Shaper Jacopo.

"I became a shaper because I love snowboarding, and this job is the perfect opportunity to combine work and pleasure"

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Chill & Ride

Happily, the shapers have some free time in the afternoon to shred the fun facilities themselves. "If we don't have to shape new obstacles, we have an hour in the morning and a couple of hours in the afternoon to shred the facilities ourselves", the Shape Crew reports unisono. Skills can be improved, or you can simply ride through the skiing area. The chill area is also a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. The place to be for recharging the batteries for the reshape in the late afternoon and evening.


Additionally, to all the hard work, leisure time with the crew is a must. That's why they love cooking and chilling together in the evening. Unfortunately, leisure activities are somehow limited due to the pandemic. However, the crew doesn't let it get them down and occasionally watch a snowboard film. So, you can see that the evenings are more relaxed at these times, and they are fit for the shape craft the next day.

Breathtaking Moments

"The most beautiful moment for me is in the evening when the lifts are closed, and I pick up my shape tool. I'm alone, at least with a few other shapers, surrounded by the sound of silence embedded in the mountains", Jacopo tells us. These moments make the job worthwhile and a very special one of a kind. It's not only the sound of silence in the middle of the mountains that is worth mentioning here. Shaper Marcus enthuses: "The colors in the sky during our reshape in the evening are the special moments for me".

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