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A true shaper knows no bad weather!

Anyone working in the mountains during the winter months has likely experienced every type of weather condition. From icy cold to snowy days and optimal conditions with glorious sunshine: The weather in the Alpine region can change suddenly and sometimes surprisingly. For our employees at the Shape Academy, whose workplace is the outdoor office, good workwear is essential. Because good weather is when you have the right clothing!

The Shape Academy crews spend the entire season outdoors and need gear that not only keeps them warm but also meets their requirements in terms of durability and style. That's why our guys and girls are equipped with NITRO and L1 Outerwear again this year. We spent a day with them on the mountain and were convinced – their outfits are not only functional and weather-resistant but also look stylish!

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Stylish from head to toe!

Whether sunny or snowy, the mornings in the winter months usually have one thing in common: the cold. Our crews head out at the crack of dawn, and sometimes it's undoubtedly a challenge to leave the warm house. Making this departure as easy as possible is thanks, in part, to the warm layers from L1. As the saying goes, double is better, and for this reason, all the guys and girls have two jackets that make up the main part of their outfits. These are the Williams and Onyx models, made from different materials and equipped with numerous features.

The Williams jacket is a true all-rounder on the mountain. With its water-repellent and breathable material, it provides protection against the whims of winter weather and ensures that the work on the mountain is always comfortable. With a 20,000 mm water column, it can snow as much as Mother Hulda wants: the Williams jacket keeps you warm and dry! Additionally, it has many large pockets that offer enough space for tools and other equipment. Lastly, it impresses with its modern design, influenced by streetwear and the military look, making it look effortlessly cool even in a regular fit. This is perfectly complemented by the Onyx fleece jacket, which provides additional warmth and is also water-resistant.

What's especially practical is that the Williams and Onyx jackets can be worn in various combinations – as illustrated by various scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: It's windy, cold, snowing, and uncomfortable: Williams + Onyx are the go-to!
  • Scenario 2: Sun's out but it's still cold: Better safe than sorry, Williams + Onyx
  • Scenario 3: Super sunny bluebird: The agony of choice, Williams or Onyx

The Warren pants complete the outfit and impress not only with their robust material and ergonomic design but also with numerous features. With waterproof zippers and ventilation slots, the pants are not only comfortable but also functional. Various-sized pockets and a key clip are nice add-ons that make working in the pants even more practical. Additionally, the Warren pants also boast a 20,000mm water column, making them a perfect match for the Williams jacket!

Last but not least, when working, everyone should keep a cool head, but only in the metaphorical sense, of course. Therefore, the Watch Beanie must not be missing as a fashionable detail!

With this complete set, you can definitely endure several hours on the mountain. The outerwear is comfortable, keeps you warm, and ensures a stylish appearance. The thoughtful details and high-quality craftsmanship withstand the demands of working in the outdoor office and impress across the board. The casual design of the pieces makes them versatile, suitable not only for work but also for snowboarding and skiing. For our shapers, it's a win-win, as they can also carve a few laps between shaping sessions.

With Nitro and L1, we at Shape Academy prioritize quality, functionality, and style. The products are not only made for the hard work on the mountain but also for those who live their passion for winter sports and freestyle!

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