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Being a Shape Crew Member
A day with Multi Media Shaper Joshua

What is it like being part of the Shape Crew - or rather, what does a day with the crew look like? MMS Joshua (MMS stands for Multi Media Shaper) is part of the crew on Turracher Höhe this season and took us along the other day. Actually, as MMS he usually stands behind the camera and provides us with nice shots from the mountain, this time we turned it around. 




Whoever thought that life as a shaper is all easy going, has never been a shaper. NO, it's not that bad, it's even pretty nice, but if you're an early bird by nature, it's a little easier. It goes quite early on the mountain and therefore the alarm clock rings at 6:35 am.

The big advantage: you are one of the first on the mountain. Anyone who has ever experienced this knows how nice the morning hours are. Getting up early really pays off.

At 7 a.m. there's a hearty breakfast, because the work on the mountain is also pretty exhausting.





Before going out, there is a short briefing about the day and then the team is already at the lift. At 8 a.m., the first batch heads up the mountain. Always with them: the shape tool and of course all the shred equipment to enjoy a few nice park laps in between. 





As MMS - Multi Media Shaper - Joshua is not only busy shaping the obstacles, but also takes care of the content of the social media channels. Does this picture look familiar to you? That's probably because Joshua took us along during the Blue Tomato shoot last week.

So after the shape work, content is constantly being produced.





Then the park is prepared, checked again whether everything fits, repaired and of course also enjoyed a bit of the view.

"The Turracher Höhe Snowpark is so nice. There shines almost constantly the sun"

Well, then the park is opened and for the boys is first break. This is what it looks like most of the time:




On this day, the Blue Tomato shooting was on the agenda. Joashua then also helped out. What exactly he had to do:

  • Set up flags, cubes, etc.
  • Collecting and posting content for the @snowpark_turracherhoehe account.
  • rearrange flags, cubes etc. once again
  • and get some tips and tricks about action filming from the pros


Then there was a bit of fun again. Besides lunch and chatting with colleagues, we also chilled out. The cool thing about shoots is that shredders come from all over and you can chat casually about your equipment, the elements in the park and so on.

"QParks - connecting shredheads"

When the lifts close at 4 p.m., Joshua and the crew get down to the business: That's when the park is spruced up before it's time to head down the mountain for a well-deserved night off.


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