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Shapers - Life: A not so average day

One of our Shapers is Kenny, he is just like the South Park character – funny, motivated but for sure a way better shredder!

KENNY – An average day in a Shapers-life

Every day is different, obviously.

As it’s an outdoor job you never know what to expect, are you going to have to dig out all the obstacles after a nightly dump?

Are you going to have a minute for some laps to ease your soul – as we all know HOW FUN skiing and snowboarding is – especially in a park like the Superpark Planai.

An architects masterpiece

 web planai 24 01 2020 scenic roland haschka qparks 001020

So, the premath is the actual planning of the park and preparation of obstacles as well as slopes before the obstacles and kickers can be built up.

The parkdesigner, as the name says, designs the park. Just like an architect the park setup needs to be calculated and drawn out. Creativity & and a lot of knowledge about physics and freestyle is key here. Once the park design is set, and there is enough snow the groomers get the grounds ready for the different rails, tubes and multijibs as well as the kickers.

The shapers are usually a team of several people, grooming, shaping, designing, and redesigning.

Only change is constant

Throughout the season, the park changes. More snow will give more room for creativity and other obstacles and multi jibs can be set up – AND the shapers love to shred too!


Kenny – an everyday normal Shaper Guy


Back to Kenny, he gets up in the morning and enjoys some coffee and brekky with his team colleagues to set the right vibes for the day. Once the crew makes it onto the hill, they need to make sure all the obstacles and kickers are safe & ready to go.


Once the park is ready to be shredded, the shapers usually spend their time there too. They shred and reshape when needed. If new areas need to be built up, they close certain sections to make sure they can work without people being endangered!


At the end of the day, they reshape the entire the park after they close it for the public. A reshape means to get the take offs ready for the next day, get rid of lines left behind from set up turns and making take-offs and landings all smooth again.

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